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Pastoral Supervision

What is Pastoral Supervision?
Pastoral supervision offers you a space to reflect on your work and explore it from all angles. It provides an opportunity for you to step back and to think about the soul, role and context of your work. It is expected that as we explore situations together you will regain perspective or find a new one, gain new insight and be able to think through ways of moving forward.

It is based in a relationship of trust, confidentiality, support and openness. It is spiritually rich, psychological informed, contextually sensitive, attentive to fitness to practise and provides a way of growing in pastoral competence. (This is taken from the APSE definition). For a full definition please see the APSE website:

What it is not?
Pastoral Supervision is not Counselling, Spiritual Direction, Coaching, Mentoring. It may include elements of some or all of these but it is distinct from them. It is not Line Management.

Who is it for?
Pastoral Supervision is beneficial for anyone who wants to develop their practice through reflection e.g. Ministers, Pastors, Clergy, Youth Leaders, Spiritual Directors, Chaplains, Pastoral Carers, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors Social Workers - in fact anyone who has responsibility for others.

How frequent should it be?
It works best when sessions are regular and ongoing rather than ad hoc in response to a crisis. Sessions can last for 1 hour or 90 minutes depending on the Supervisee's workload and what suits the Supervisee best. I would suggest monthly especially to begin with as it is important that you and I form a working relationship.

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